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BCOA Stud Dog Honor Roll

"Target" Ch Sukari's Spot The Target CD 42 Champions to date
"Puff" Am/Aust Ch Jasiri-Sukari HR Pup N' Stuff 26 Champions to date
"Steven" Dual Ch Sukari's Steven Spielbark CD, MC 18 Champions to date
"Timmy" BIS, BISS Dual Ch Jasiri-Sukari The Illustrated Man SC, LCX 13 Champions to date
"Winston" BIF, BIS, BISS, BIGS Ch Jasiri-Sukari Win Tin Tin SC 11 Champions to date
"Tommy" BISS, BIF Dual Ch Jasiri-Sukari Juri Maguire MC, LCX II 8 Champions to date
"Seinfeld" BIF Dual Ch Jasiri-Sukari Juri Seinfeld MC 8 Champions to date
"Vinnie" BIS Ch Jasiri-Sukari John Tri-Volta JC 6 Champions to date
"Parker" Ch Jasiri's Parker Steven-Son 6 Champions
"T-Rex" Ch Jasiri-Sukari The Lost Word 6 Champions
"Bronco" BIS, BISS Grand Ch Jasiri-Sukari Bucking The Trind 5 Champions to date

BCOA Brood Bitch Honor Roll

"Rags" Ch Jasiri-Sukari First In Lines CD 11 Champions
"Jessie" Ch Jasiri-Sukari Jess Be-Kaus JC 10 Champions
"Shasta" Ch Sukari-Jasiri Soda Pup 10 Champions
"Fiesta" Ch Jasiri-Sukari Party Lines 10 Champions
"Juri" BIS,BISS Dual Ch Jasiri's Jurassic Bark MC 9 Champions
"Frani" Dual Ch Jasiri-Sukari Khani Francis SC 9 Champions
"Mindy" Ch Sukari's Mindiana Jones CD, Fch 8 Champions
"Leezza" BIS, BISS, BIGS Ch Jasiri-Sukari Congo-Leezza Rice JC 8 Champions
"Zenyatta" Ch Jasiri-Sukari Zenyatta 8 Champions
"Breeze" Dual Ch Sukari's Cool Colors CD SC 4 Champions
"Cinder" Ch Jasiri-Sukari Fire-N-Lines 4 Champions


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